digital native is a person who was born during or after the general introduction of digital technologies and through interacting with digital technology from an early age, has a greater understanding of its concepts.

Digital Native – Wikipedia

I said this to a girl last week and she loved it. It turns out that there was only 10 search result in the whole internet for this phrase. How cool is that. You are the lemon of my lemonade.

you are the lemon to my lemonade

I always go to Vimeo on the search of cool creative documentaries, videos that tell stories, meaningful stories of real people, emotional stuff. But also some weird digital animations or HD footage of awesome places… One of my favorite channels is the one from Everynone. They create videos of sequences of moments in our daily life. The story line of the videos are extremely simple but powerful. Results are incredible. The video below was rightfully chosen as the Best Video at the Vimeo Awards 2012. Simple idea, simple story line, piano music, great choice of footage. Enjoy!

Last Sunday afternoon I was watching the Olympics, specially the bike race. In Holland bike sports are a pretty big deal, we all love bikes, there are more bikes than people. A Dutch rider, Marianne Vos won the race and she got a gold medal, the first for The Netherlands. Immediately I thought of one of my clients, Fietsvakshop that is a bike webshop and I knew I had to post something about this on their Facebook page (540 Likes right now). And I did.


It says “Fietsvakshop congratulates Marianne Vos for winning the first golden medal for The Netherlands at the Olympic Games”

fietsvakshop-post-insightsI got 30 likes in the first hour, a couple of hours later ended up on 41 likes. This is a 7,6% CTR, 57% social reach and 384 people saw the post from their friends. My point here is that the timing was right, the effort was minimum (it took me 10 minutes to get the post up) and the response was great (proportionally).

This is a pretty simple way to get your fans to like your content and keep a connection with you as a brand. Keep an eye on timing as well.

This scene is one of my favorites. It is extremely crude and to the point. The real cruel true is told to the face. If you work in an agency, you know this is true. You’ve seen it happening or you felt it. I did. But here again Don Draper has just the right choice of words to tell that whatever you do at work, any ideas you openly share, any great work you do, eventually is owned by the agency and your boss takes the credit, because he is the boss, he hired you and he pays you. That’s life. The ending of the scene is a bit unreal but extremely funny. I lol’d and felt pity for Peggy.

(Click on the image to watch the video, it ain’t possible to embed the video)



I’m working on this sweepstake for one of my clients and I’m using Offerpop Facebook apps. While I’m doing the full customization I got stuck in one of the steps and I sent them a short email about it. 10 minutes later I got the reply with the solution. Ten. Minutes. How cool is that? Btw, their support hours are from 9am to 6pm EST time while I’m based in Amsterdam (GMT+1) so when I sent the support request it was 6:45am… #Respect


Thanks Swati!